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  • CargoOffice has twenty years of internet experience in transport technology.
  • CargoOffice is community software, a collaboration area where logistics and transportation companies do business.
  • CargoOffice provides communication facilities with all parties involved in a supply chain, often fully automated.
  • CargoOffice holds virtually all of the traditional Transport Management functions plus a continuously active data mining and exploration suite searching the Internet for best deals, better transport prices and a continues flow of prospect clients fitting your type of business.
  • CargoOffice is best known for its online services like Order Entry, Track & Trace, Dispatch, EDI, Quotation, Billing, CMR, Labels & Barcodes, Communication tools, Document management, Warehousing and Freight Exchange software, but there's a lot more.
  • CargoOffice pricing starts as low as 10 Euro per month all the way up to 5.000 Euro per month depending on your business, storage and bandwidth requirements. Start your trial at 10 Euro per month and see what business it brings to you.